Run a Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Product Reviews

By Team WayScript

The e-commerce space has become increasingly popular within the past decade. It is arguable that one flaw with e-commerce is the inability to see and test the product out in person. To resolve this issue, people often resort to product reviews. These reviews provide social proof to the products we are considering to buy.

With WayScript, you can track product reviews on any e-commerce website, such as Amazon and Wish, and put them in a spreadsheet. Furthermore, you can run a sentiment analysis on the reviews and get an idea of how positive or negative customer reactions are. Whether you're a dropshipper, customer, vendor, or manufacturer, this powerful tool will allow you to monitor product reviews over time and collect data for further evaluation.

Let's get started on building your Sentiment Analysis Program using WayScript's Sidekick. In less than two minutes, you will have a fully functional program for e-commerce, giving you the power to collect data on product reviews.

Using The Sidekick

Step One

Select 'Sentiment Analysis'.

Step Two

Select 'Product Reviews' as your Data Source.

Step Three

Enter the URL of your desired product page(s).

In this example, we will be using the product Amazon Sub on the Amazon website.

Copy and paste the URL in the address bar of the product page into wayscript.


Give your recipe a name, and you are done!

Get Results

Your program will appear in your dashboard, and you can download your spreadsheet from there as well.

Your spreadsheet will contain:

  • Post Text
  • Sentiment Label
  • Sentiment Score
  • Post Author
  • Post Date
  • Post Author URL
  • The Sentiment Score is a value ranging from -1 to 1, -1 being the worst score and 1 being the best. The Sentiment Label describes whether the sentiment is positive or negative based on the Sentiment Score.

    Your program will monitor for any new reviews, so run your program again in the future for an updated spreadsheet.