Pull latest YouTube video comments in to a spreadsheet

By Team WayScript

YouTube is a host to many videos filled with comments from the community. WayScript gives you the power to take any YouTube video and get the latest comments, as well as information about the comments, into an organized spreadsheet.

Using The Sidekick

Step One

Select 'Build a Dataset'.

Step Two

Select 'YouTube' as your platform.

Step Three

Select 'Video Comments' as the Data you would like to pull into a spreadsheet.

Step Four

Enter the URL of the video(s) you would like to get comments from.

In this example, we will be using a video from WayScript's youtube channel.

You can copy the URL of the video from the address bar and paste it into WayScript.


Upon giving your recipe a name, you have completed your program!

Get Results

You can find the program in your dashboard and download the spreadsheet from there.

Your spread sheet will contain information on the last 500 comments, including:

  • Comment Text
  • Author Channel Username
  • Date Published
  • Author Channel ID
  • Author Channel URL
  • Like Count
  • Reply Count
  • YouTube Video URLs
  • In addition, you can run your program again to update your spreadsheet with the latest data on your specific YouTube video.