Create Shareable Python GUIs on the Cloud

By Team WayScript

With WayScript, you can create Python GUIs on the cloud to share with others.


For this tutorial, we will be using an example Python script that will get the plot of a movie when the title is inputted.

The script uses an API called omdb.

The API is used through a third party library called Requests.

This is the movie plot script we will be using in this example for the GUI:

Now that we have our script ready, all we need to do is create a GUI for it using WayScript.

Step One - Input Your Script

Build a program from scratch and drag the Python module into to the first step of your program.

Paste your code into the module.

Step Two - Set up the GUI

To allow for the input of a Movie Name in the GUI, we are going to create a new variable a step before the 'Python' module.

I will name the variable 'Movie Name' and give it a default value of 'The Matrix'. I will also make the value visible and able to be edited on the Dashboard.

Since the variable we created can now be used as an input by other modules, let's insert it into our code.

I will edit the line in the code that asks for the input and change it to use the 'Movie Name' from the WayScript inputs dictionary

Next, I will replace the line of code that prints the result with a line of code that assigns the 'movie_plot' variable to an output.

Step Three - Run Your Program With The GUI

Now, that your program is complete, you can find the GUI for your program in your dashboard.

Hitting 'Run' will output your results.

Step Four - Share Your Program

To share your program, click 'Adjust Settings', represented by the gear icon, in the header of your program.

Click the 'Share' button on the bottom.

Enter the emails you want to share your program with.

Congratulations! Not only have you created a GUI for a Python script, but you also shared them with others through the cloud.