Pull the Entire Tweet History of a User

By Team WayScript

From famous celebrities to successful businessmen, grabbing a user's tweet history can be easily done with WayScript.

Follow along with this tutorial to build your own program, without writing any code, that grabs a user's tweet history into an organized spreadsheet.

Building from Scratch

Step One

Drag and drop the Twitter module into your recipe.

I will set the 'Settings' to get the 'Tweet History of a User'.

For this tutorial, I will be getting the entire tweet history of Elon Musk, so I will enter his username 'elonmusk'. Since I only want his original tweets, I will not include any retweets, but you can feel free to do so.

The 'Outputs' section reveals all the data associated with getting the tweet history of a user. You can select the appropriate data you desire. I will go ahead and select all of them.

Step Two

Drag and drop the Loop module into your recipe.

Since all my variables from the 'Twitter' module are in lists, I will have to loop over all of them to access each individual element and write it into my spreadhseet.

Step Three

Drag and drop the Excel module into your recipe.

Set the 'Mode' to 'Write File' and give a name to the file you want to write to. I will call the file 'TweetHistory.xlsx'.

Now, select the data you want to be written to your excel file. I will select all the variables from the 'Twitter' module.


Great Job! You have now completed your program, and you can choose to run it in the dashboard or straight from the recipe builder. Your excel file will be available for you to download after you run your program.

Get Results

The tweet history comes with all kinds of data. In the excel file for the program we just built, we can find the:

  • Tweets
  • Persons Names
  • Number of Post Retweets
  • Number of Times Favorited
  • Date/Time of Posts
  • Other Usernames Mentioned
  • URLs Mentioned in Tweet
  • Hashtags
  • Remember, you can always change the username and pull the entire tweet history of someone else. You can even change the type of data you want to enter in your spreadsheet. For example, maybe you only want the hashtags they use instead of the actual tweet text.